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Microeconomist Panel update Spring 2010 confident about paris and glasgow as blossoming world benchmarks of Building Social Business &  MicroE networking ... nairobi and somewhere in spain are huge opportunities to have wholly grounded by end of 2011 thanks to 14 yers of relentless support of microcreditsummit as the networking world's number 1 peoples and communities sustainability summit by Queen Sofia of Spain.. poor old london and dc seem farther away than ever from Yes We Must 1 - however the right people and the right microeconomic valuation systems are nearly in place in both of these most terrifyingly macro-powered capitals; its just a case of finding the biggest game (sustainability 2012 ... olympics) that yunus wants to action that citizens in these places can collaboratively get behind given all the costly broken systems in their way
 Yunus 70th Birthday wishes for 2010s - source Building Social Business (May 2010)

End Poverty & Global Systems that Crash , Trap or Externalise

End carbon in our waters, air, food and machine's energies

End hunger, and broken distribution channels

End premature death and ever higher cost of health; end abuse of safety of any demographic 

End wars and govs that spend 20% of the peoples on arms or corruption

End borders as barriers to communities/webs of people mobilising productivity and core knowhow

End school-less children and universities without job creating microentrepreneurs

Which Network can you help Sustain the World?

Dr Yunus is the number 1 pro-youth economist. Thanks to Queen Sofia for 15 years of leading microcreditsummit, to Obama for inugurating the 60 country East-West Presidential Summit of Entreprenurship with Yunus as benchmark case .... 

 tell info@worldcitizen.tv of coordinates on this map

Global Brand CEOs - first Global Grameen meeting for leaders of 2010 and joy of life decade takes place on volksvagen's racetrack in wolfsburg in november; it will also celebrate Berlin's 20th fall of wall - offical web http://grameencl.com/ resource web http://worldclassbrands.tv/ http://worldcitizen.tv/ fans web http://www.globalgrameen.com/ Southern Hemisphere or Green microcreditsummits -official web http://www.microcreditsummit.org/  - question of the year how to make april 2010's summit in kenya best ever for sustaining peoples and communities; fans websit http://microcredit.tv/ http://grameenenergy.com/ Vice Chancellors- where will your business school be ranked if you don't help open source missing curriculum of sustainability? - official centre; likely next summit glasgow feb 2010 to confrim; fans web http://grameenuniversity.com/ Yes We Can turn G8 aid micro up - discussions of this began in earnest at obama's presidential medals of honors to change agents; we assume this is an above the scenes network but do tell us if you see anywhere citizens can join in - resource network http://changeworld.net/ ; fans network http://collaborationcafe.tv/ http://yunusyouth.com/  

Billionaires, medics and foundations for humanity -well we'll be celebrating your best news headlines as they wave into our inbox mailto:info@worldcitizen.tv

eg Gates Foundation supports BRAC Tanzania's map of microcredit and microhealth are one and the same sustainability challenge through africam continemt

bang6.jpgWhat Do You Think Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus means when he describes 09/10 as year (and 010s as decade) of Humanity's Greatest System Crisis? 
YunusForum hubs, and creative labs 1 2 coordinators across cities,  & Friends of this web have volunteered a lot of our time and energetic spirits since summer 2006 researching maps of networkers around Dr Yunus and Bangladesh Collaboration Entrepreneurs. This included the huge honor of helping to host Dr Yunus 69th birthday week dialogues and wishes in June 2009 in Dhaka with young people, senior leaders from Grameen and BRAC, the British Council, a BBC journalist who explores polar and solar and other wonderul collaboration alumni. This web is simply our unofiffical undersstanding of what microeceonomists and Yes We Can networkers will do next in connecting our (the world's first networking) generation around the human race to poverty museums being celebrated in every community. We offer to try our best to connect you to the people who are the centres of gravity of each of the benchmarking clubs mapped below. Chris.Macrae@yahoo.co.uk Yes We Can Bureau Washington DC 301 881 1655 
.E= Economics

Macro and Micro are wholly different system games - one can compound communal sustainability, the other will destroy it around the world. Which is Which? Scottish clue: go back to what Adam Smith designed into his maps of hi-trust free markets. These are ones where players compete responsibly to serve benefits and collaborate transparently to prevent industry's sectors greatest risks to communities. It is evident that Adam designed system rules round integration of context and micro up.

. D= Democracy.Urgent Current Crises in the systems of public and professional service include sustaining rewards geared to long-term goals not short-term political chicanery, and ending stealth taxes (including media licences which accidentally tamper with youth's freedom or disastrously compound inconvient truths) by hiding what conflicts or vested interests have been embedded during an adminstration's term;  going beyond professional monopolies of place-based democracy so that humanity's flows can produce and demand the most of virtually networked worlds as well as physically local ones. Why hot urgently renew millennium goals that appeared as a worldwide expression of what humanity wants to invest in future generation, and gravitated at their core the human race to end poverty. This was the interconnecting system goal that both Gandhi and Einstein cross-validiated each other's system maps as necessary if our species is to survive the higher order transformation of being more connected than separated
. C =Capitalism.Global markets and peoples learnt from Enron, which advertised itself to the top of globalisation responsibility leagues, that CSR1.0 was non-systemic fluff. Planet & peoples need a CSR 2.0 in which the last corporation to connect around its global sector's sustainability responsibilities is penalised and the first rewarded. Why not celebrate the idea of connecting a CEO 100 benchmarking club - proposed on the world stages of Nobel and Grameen Bank, and accelerated most noticably by French and German companies - of Future Capitalism. This invites leaders to benchmark designs geared round hi-trust systemic innovation partnerships between the world's most resourced global market systems and those grassroots networks economically serving life critical needs.
. B= Business.33 years ago Bangladesh prooftested and open sourced what remains the only mathematically verifiable sustainability investment model of organisational systems - called social business. We recommend that schools, youth entrepreneurs and journalists should be free to explore the maps of this model and share openly with peer to peer networks wordlwide.
. A=Activism United.If billionniare philanthropists lead the way with designing charities with positve cashflows round their causes, then this systemic recycling of their foundation dollars will end the waste of huge advertising and lobbying funds- so that charitable monies can constinuously reinvest in empowering people with solutions in the communities of need. Thence those concerned by the same cause can unite rather than compete over funds with the catch 22 that more and more charity money is spent on image instead of celebrating reality of human progress.
.Click a pic below to join discussions & Logs of How to collaborate with the 4 Yes We Can champions of Human race to Poverty Museums
  • Urgent D - week 10 Aug place Sam Daley-Harris op-ed in media of any Yes We Can City: occasion Obama & Yunus & G8 celebrate presidential medals and honor- launch of yes we can 2.1 and all sustainable micro roads lead to Kenya April 2010
  • B - continuous promote TheGreenChildren relaunch of theme song You Can Hear Me Now of ending digital dicised and Bangladeshi's world leadership in mobiles

  • Urgent B - help YunusCentre first wave of Youth Ambassador 5000 by 1 Sept http://yunusforum.net
  • B&C - by fall 2009 clarify worldwide logo of Yunus - GrameenCreative labs suggests WhyWhy can be logo, song, dance , celebration franchise from uni club disco to olympics mexican wave
  •  Please email next actions to info@worldcitizen.tv chris macrae Yes We Can bureau DC usa 301 881 1655 

Background ref to CEO Global Brand Club A:  Grameen Danone 1 2  ; Grameen Veolia 1 ; Grameen BASF 1 ; Grameen Intel  1 ; Grameen Green Children Eyecare  1 2

 Update summer 09 Yunusworld's editor is just back from co-hosting yunus 69th birthday dialogues in dhaka with dr yunus , his lead entrepreneurs 1  2  3 4 5, BRAC, British Council, world's most sustainable youth, bbc's most sustainable journalist http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8130130.stm etc -we at YunusForum.net been asked to make a network map of the 5000 youth whose lifetimes are most likely to conect micro up the bangladeshish way- -I welcome ideas on that chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc tel 301 881 1655, http://www.facebook.com/microeconomics - folowing on from 2008's media project yunus10000.com, the amount of collaboration/replications projects information on social business and future capitalism and microcredit that I need to share is immense: and I am making a start at 2 blogs mapgrameen  (brac jb) and dialoguegrameen -if you want official info yunuscentre was launched on dhaka on dr Y's 69th birthday

Yes We Can Curricula Vitae of World’s Most Trusted Entrepreneurial Revolutionary

(Can we humanly understand the greatest problem solver on earth? )

MY Part 2 (Action, Business, Capitalism)  15 years of A; then 10 years of integrating B*A; by 2010 5 years of integrating C*B*A

A) Action’s Communities of Microentrepreneurs Focused on generation’s continuous improvement


How to empower the poorest to help themselves end poverty


From local social action to nationwide social businesses


Key cases


Searching Why the 16 decisions of female communities of microentrepreneurs banked on health, education and nature’s clean energies


How 5 ,60 and 7 million poorest women empowered each other’s lifetime reality of everyone’s an entrepreneur

B) Maps Business’ Social Entrepreneurship 

How to empower the richest to help the poorest on the other side of the world to help themselves end poverty


From nationwide to future capitalism of worldwide safe banking; and to nationwide social businesses including solar energy and internet for the poor


Key cases :


action learning exchanges between the 10 deepest microcredit systems openly accessed by anyone in the world


monitoring what micro*mobile can do as we catalogue thousands of social businesses out of one web

C) Pioneering Capitalism partnerships in investing Sustainability locally and globally around the greatest space race one generation has ever collaborated around 

How to empower the richest to turn round poverty from compounding within their own borders and to turn round the first quarter century of an unsustainable globalisation


Future capitalism applied to transparency of all the global market sectors that compound human sustainability or destruction. Invitation to Innovate Collaboration to End poverty everywhere


Key Cases – Transferring knowhow from the entrepreneur of serving those with the least to the entrepreneur of capitalism’s most resourced organisations


What rich cities’ youth final 3 years of learning can action network to renew communities and co-create jobs and save the world


MY Part 1 35 years of personal challenges towards being an Entrepreneurial Revolutionary and mentoring ER in others

Age 11 : end of childhood with illness of mother who had meant everything ; threw himself in to nurturing younger sister and helping keep his fathers retail business going


18ish created his first business – packaging and import-export; studies advanced to Fulbright scholar status


26ish went to Vanderbilt Uni in Tennessee the year after desegregation ; studied economics; return to Bangladesh delayed by war of independence in which the nation’s freedom was won at the price of being reduced to rubble (the poorest nation on planet)


33ish accepted job as economics professor at Chittagong university –appalled by death of a million people in famine; started practising economics in villages around the university-


35 social action team of 3 men and one woman formed who developed microcredit’s replicable franchises until Grameen constituted as a bank in 1983 with its own unique legal framework as rural bank for and majority owned by the poorest


Catalogue your fav 21st C meetings with Yunus by region:  Bangladesh, India, China, Africa, Europe, USA, Middle East, S.America
Catalogue your favourite social businesses at your fav space : facebook , googlegroup -you tell us  
RSVP usa 301 881 1655 if you have a one-pager to open source on core system designs: A) Social Actions B) Social Business SB1 C) Future Capitalism D) Microcredit ... vote for  E)  
 .. Is Yunus FC book the most practical collaboration entrepreneur guide you have read? If so join Yunus1000 bookclub
..Actions: Do you help youth in creating jobs, if so ask about Yunus10000 dvd youth dialogue 2008/9 . Are you interested in connecting your city to the worldwide movements: collaboration cafe , socialbusinessclub.net ? Will you join our yahoo group for people who want to help microcredit being taken over by big banks now some in Wall Street are looking for the next crash to plunder?
updates on where demand for Yunus 10000 dvd is
week 14
  • 300 New York
  • 775 London a
  • 150 California
  • 150 Oxford
  • 200 Washington DC
  • 100 Boston
  • 10 Cambridge University - pilot for up to 800
  • 100 Paris
  • 240 Dhaka Grameen  75 ; BRAC University, 75
    Q M Ahmed, Dhaka 15;
    Dhaka University 75
  • London 110 more
  • 100 for africa via pam (mainly kenya and nigeria)

    week 1
  • 100 Norway
  • 100 London
  • 20 Barcelona
  • 20 USA ...
  • rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv DC/USA bureau 301 881 1655 to help match videos with 6 social business value multiplying coordinates




    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    9:12 am edt 

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    5 4 3 2 1 Human Races to End Poverty

    Race 1 circa 1972-1979 Having gained independence as a nation in a bloody war with what is now called Pakistan, Bangladesh was a country with less infrastructure than any other; it got hit by a cyclone that caused a local tsunami killing twice as many people as the 2004 SE Asia Tsunami, and then a million people died of famine. Out of these 2 disasters were born, what in a life of searching innovation systems,  are my and dad's votes for the 2 most purposeful systems in the world: BRAC & Grameen. By 1979 BRAC was already proving itself as most empowering local-up NGO and Grameen was testing a concept of how the world's poorest people could own their bank, and what goals would they define in their race to end poverty in groups of 60 village women each designed round a space called a village centre for mutual development as well as individual entrepreneurial exchange.  

    Race 2 Circa 1980-1987
    Grameen bank was incorporated by law as being owned by the rural poor in 1983 and quickly proved its sustainability spreading branches through Rural Bangladesh not just in helping the poorest women in the world to become income generating, or in encouraging savings accounts after a year of which the poorest illiterate woman became a shareholder in her bank, but in designing communal investment solutions- eg the most basic housing design to have a monsoon proof roof, a cyclone-proof stability, and a pit latrine for hygiene. Almost immediately awarded the Aga Khan prize for architecture, Grameen went on to issue 700,000 sub-sub prime loans not one of which harmed the bank's record as earning the safest repayment ratings in banking history. Meanwhile, BRAC started to design whole industry value chains multiplying from the bottom up.
    Race 3 Circa 1988-1995
    Grameen Trust started proof testing worldwide viability of microcredit and friends of
    Bangladesh briefed the president elect Clinton in late 1992 of how Bangladesh was pioneering the best models ever sustained for ending poverty. Ideas for millennium goals were planted which most of the world's leaders pledged the new millennium and networking generation’s united goals around. The Great and the Good started to pay field visits to Bangladeshi villages including the extraordinary Queen Sofia of Spain, and Hillary Clinton. Over in Indonesia, a pioneering developer of microcredit was the mother of a future American President - Barack Obama.

    Race 4 1996-2001
    Bangladesh , 1996 saw Grameen investing the poor's money in mobile telephony and solar energy. The exponential impacts of both become more extraordinary by the day. The immediate impact was what had previously been largely separated village centres became the most extraordinary hub network - today 140000 Grameen Village centres are ending digital divides.  And, Bangladesh is now a world lead in mobile network architectures - see eg http://www.grameensolutions.com  and http://bracnet.net International microcreditsummit was launched with a goal within a decade to reach 100 million poorest families around the world with banking for the poor. While grassroots microcredit networks did indeed connect up , the world's big leaders got distracted from their millennium goals with tragic conflicts spiraling. Instead of a humanly empowering start to the 21st century, globalisation took on a form remarkably similar to the way the 20th century started in Europe.

    Race 5 2002-2008
    Can the world’s greatest end-poverty networking systems also be humanity's great peacemakers. Nobel Peace jury bravely thought so. And what emerged was Dr Yunus inviting the world to come and study the missing system link that
    Bangladesh had designed during race 1 - the world's only true sustainability investment modeling. This brings us to the greatest human race 2009-2015. Will the net generation make poverty museums our very own space race. The system designs are their . The collaboration networking medium of internet and microsummit are there. Yes We Can needs to to help connect it.  Tell us if you co-create a starting line or join our searches at http://futurecapitalism.ning.com/  

    5:15 pm edt 

    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    The happy banker Muhammad Yunus appears on British Broadacsting Corps http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/7914622.stm  - on the most dismal day yet in british banking history with half a trillion dollar bailout announced for RBS

    As Obama has said, we have tried top-down globalizing and it doesnt work. Let's take the opportunity of never going back to banking as casinos where speculators take all, the people have to bail out bankrupt banks after being miserved for years by:
    credit directed at addictive cionsumption not communal productivity

    high cost structures (with ever more conflicted professional interests) geared to playing with exotic compound risks not serving basic needs on main street
    1:21 am est 

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    discuss Future Capitalism nominations of top 25 best news video conversation starters for 2009 and how to connect 7 microsummits around alumni of Muhammad Yunus
    7:54 pm edt 

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    deja vu - a quarter of a century ago


    The Wall Street Review of Books - Page 174

    Finance - 1985

    The 2025 Report: A Concise History of the Future, by Norman Macrae is a delight,
    ... The 2025 Report was written by Macrae, his son, a computer expert who ...

    Snippet view - About this book - Add to my library

    In this book, my father in his 4th decade of being The Economist's most prouctive writer of leaders forecast:

    Networks globalization within one generation will be humanity’s greatest change challenge ever

    The system we use to integrate localities into global can ultimately only spin one of two opposite ways :


     the Big Brother scenario of Orwell seconded incidentally by Einstein as a significant risk


    the best for humanity century ever generated; to achieve this we would probably needs a Nobel laureate inspiring us to search out 30000 replicable community rising projects in a worldwide union aligned around ending poverty (as a failed system that the industrial age accidentally compounded but which an open knowledge age can quickly correct)

    The consequence is that I would love to help host http://microprosummit in such a way that microeconomists got at least 50:50 share of voice with macroeconomists regarding the irreversible choice our generation is making in systemising how we go global http://www.wholeplanet.tv/id32.html

    the overall plot of our 1984/5 book is at http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html
    2:09 pm edt 

    I have tried to put on one map everything I have heard the 5 times I have met Dr Yunus. I am sure there are both more brilliant artists and wordsmiths than me
    but the forbidden questions of social business modelling seem to be
    1 what are the sources of positive cashflow for a social business - there seem to be a combination of 6 - colored green ; each of these 6 has been messed up by western macroeconomics as mass media took over its free and true assumptions
    In light blue: 2 are these the sorts of solutions that Bangladeshi microeconomists have come up with over 30 years of entrepreneurially developing social businesses; they define what a rural community needs to compound sustainability:
    its own bank -microcredit
    its own doctor and teacher - eg BRAC
    and so on
    in dark blue: 3 are these the 7 microsummits DR Yunus is asking us both to network worldwide and empower through microentrepreneur telecentres
    if you go back to the dark green - then can we turn round these 6 macro-economics confusions before they collapse more than the global financial system:
    6 investment banks would not have needed to collapse if they had goodwill metrics of sustainability investment - this is the unseen wealth crisis compounded as Brookings 2000 forecast it would if all we are ruled by is the global tangible accounting monopoly's maths of extract to the max every 90 days
    5 is in essence the intervention of future capitalism book http://www.smbaworld.com/id8.html- and can we take back enough mass media to ask which global market sectors are system-compounding their greatest risk responsibly
    4 is Dr Yunus' plea to billionaire philanthropists- please design social business entrepreneurship (empowering micro-up) not charity's trickle down -particularly if knowledge era is different from industrial era in going above zeros-um
    3 was the lesson of the 2nd world war that the EU aimed to be a permanent solution to but very quickly spiraled back from its lofty ideal - for all I know all the chapter 1 "development elites" have the same problem but as a Scot I better only throw stones at my own continent's white house
    2 is what BRAC did - and in a way what asking for new laws for microbanking does; its also dr yunus's biggest wish - coxs ' bazaar so that Bangladesh can have the infrastructure to trade with china and neighbours; oddly my father www.normanmacrae.com  was one of those who coined privatisation but professions sponsored by big interests quickly systemised it the opposite way round than he had mapped
    1 relates to the misunderstanding that the greatest inventions and entrepreneurial revolution don’t just respond to customers but they help societies' sustainability investment in people's jobs and lifetime potentials develop where people want to go
    any errors are of course mine - but each separate story - like the American Bar Association's Yunus article asking lawyers will you help? needs to connect with some overall collaboration compass through which networks of peoples can multiply goodwill and deep contextual action learning to their hearts content
    I think here are lots of ways we can put the jigsaw puzzles of this compass together and many of the 25 micro-video stories we are sending out to 10000 youth request pieces to be worked on and connect (other videos need to be found which I am confident 10000 youth can help facebook, youtube and google out)
    chris macrae 301 881 1655
    I will try and put a more interactive version of this up at http://yunusworld.com - there must be some way to invite all of Dr Yunus's most passionate supporters to explain which pieces they are focusing on connecting - after all if all 7 summits are to interconnect as well as each help end poverty as much as micocreditsummit that's far more collaboration employment to co-create than is currently going on round dr yunus' open source franchises
    11:30 am edt 

    2010.04.01 | 2009.08.01 | 2009.02.01 | 2008.10.01 | 2008.09.01

    Link to web log's RSS file

    Wanted people to start up social action groups aimed at the maost transparent people colaborations networking world has ever see on:
    rsvp usa 301 881 1655 info@worldcitizen.tv but first please understand the microsummit design used by microcreditsummit 1 2  3 4 to be the world's most productive human network - between 1997 and 2006 raising the number of poor with access to community banking from 11 million mainly in Bangladesh 1 2 3 to  over 100 million worldwide

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